You have to be an early diner to catch the value of Off-Shore Pier, but it's worth the effort. Times Union Review
Times Union, September 2012

"A great place for fish and Seafood. I always order grilled fish instead of fried and have a choice of side items.Their prices are very good and the serving size,more than I can eat."
Times Union, September 2009

"This place is great. If you are high-brow and high-maintenance, you should probably look elsewhere. But if you like a good fish fry, some tasty simple burgers, or even smelt, trout or other fresh fish- then this is the place for you. Casual, very inexpensive, and surely 'down home'."
Times Union, February 2009

"Fresh homemade food served with pride ! Reasonably priced and tasted great. You can't miss..."
Times Union, January 2009

"This place has been around forever, and I've been coming here for about as long. 

Maybe not so much as the years go by, but at least once a season I stop in for a simple yet tasty bite to eat.

You order and pick your stuff up from a window. The menu is simple yet there are plenty of things to choose from and most options can be broiled or fried. I tend to go for broiled and it's usually still moist where as plenty of places have dried out my broiled requests. You get to pick sides.. typical ones such as cole slaw, fries, macaroni salad, or shore fries.. which are squared potatoes done fry style. I rally like the mac. salad so that's usually what I go with :) It's tasty and different.. I think it may be oregano in there that makes it yummy, but surely that can't be it.

In summary, if you want simple tasty food if the fish kind, this is a good spot for you to either dine in or take home. There is also an adjacent market that sells plenty of fresh fish options., January 2009

" I Love Off Shore you have to try the cheese burgers with their pickles on it.Their fish frys are awesome along with everything else!!!"
Times Union, January 2009

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