Our Story

In 1976 Fred Meisner Jr. had a vision...

Having spent years in the butcher industry, and being an avid fisherman, Fred knew the capital region sorely needed a fresh fish market.  A shop that could bring the all of the fresh seafood found on any East Coast shoreline while offering the variety typically found along the piers of Maine and Cape Cod. 

Fred knew fresh was key, and to show his customers how serious he was about freshness and only bringing the absolute best to the area, he founded the "Off-Shore Pier".  He hoped the name alone would spark folks' interest, and knew once folks stepped inside and saw the very same items and quality only found on docks, piers and cape towns across the country that he'd make long time customers and devout friends.

Fred was right, and with him at the helm, Off-Shore Pier's fresh fish and small cookhouse became a common name all over the area.

In 1979 'Off -Shore' added on a small restaurant, expanding the offerings of their cookhouse.  Rustic, unique and holding true to the style of a good old fashion "Fish Fry", Fred kept the menu simple, decor authentic and taste fresh by serving all of the same delights offered in his market,

Thirty years later, with Fred close at their side, his son David and daughter, Nancy proudly serve many of the same customers Fred befriended so many years ago.  Insisting upon  same levels of quality and service set forth by their father three decades earlier. 

We know fish, but more importantly we like to get to know our patrons, and offer them whatever we can.  That is one of the great things about being locally owned and family run, we get to know what our people like (and don't like..) and really take the time to make it special, and right for you.

Our family and all of us here at 'The Pier' want to thank each and every customer for being part of our extended family, and hope that each time you visit, you feel "the only thing missing is the ocean"!